I admit, I’ve gone ahead and bought DDR X, and now my uncoordinated self can be found flailing around on a soft pad in the middle of my cramped living room, with my downstairs neighbors no doubt thinking evil thoughts about me while my cat looks on with amused disdain.

I have good reasons. Our PS2 has been languishing in lower-shelf dust since big brother PS3 came along, PS2 games are by now fabulously cheap, and despite my hope that dissertation writing could somehow be made into a form of cardiovascular exercise, I lead an overly sedentary lifestyle. Given that, for me, “basic” level DDR play is already enough to cause unsightly sweating, I have proudly joined the ranks of not only the rhythm gaming community, but also the exergaming aficionados.

Despite being a video games scholar, I’m happy to just play DDR… I’ll leave the analysis to my friend and colleague, Irene Chien.